Barcelona & Real Madrid Legends Classico


In Feb. 2017 Tawasol organized a football match between Barcelona & Real Madrid Legends in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia at King Fahad International Stadium.

The Goals

Legends Classico Advertisement in Riyadh

Barcelona video about Legends Classico in Riyadh

Analysis of Legends Classico in Riyadh

Edgar Davids from Netherlands talks about Legends Classico in Riyadh

Barcelona crowned as winners of Legends Classico in Riyadh

Barcelona celebrating the win against Real Madrid at the Legends

We organize football matches for worldwide local and national teams with international coverage, specifically for legendary players from all around the world; especially from the Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, inter Milan teams In addition to organizing five-a-side football for the biggest international teams; indoors & outdoors, beach soccer, blind soccer and other events connected with football in Asia & Africa


Dubai Freestyle football Championship


In July - 2012 Tawasol organized the first official Freestyle football championship and was set in DWTC with the support of the Dubai Sports Council, Dubai World Trade Centre, and the Dubai Sports Channels to Acknowledge and define of the sport ensure the promotion of world championships.

The Videos


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Tawasol Media publishes a trilogy of directories covering Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah; the UAE largest emirates. The avant-garde directories are designated to cover fields of trade, tourism, commerce, economy, culture and investment in the UAE generally and in the three emirates particularly. The directories will be titled as Abu DhabiLand, DubaiSand and SharjahLand. Issued in Arabic and English,the directories are to provide readers with comprehensive coverage on the general ongoing developments. With the next publications to be multilingual, the new directories are planned to fully cover the rest of the countrys emirates in the near future.

The directories acquaint eager investors and entrepreneurs with virgin business and investment opportunities available in the three emirates. Abu DhabiLand, DubaiSand and SharjahLand.
provide tourists with an enthralling image of the rich heritage and deeply-rooted culture of each emirate and brief them with potential tourist assets.




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SharjahLand is a maiden publication, deemed to be the biggest, most comprehensive and profound directory, ever tackling Sharjah. Published by Tawasol, the biannual directory accompanies the readers in a short stroll throughout the picturesque emirate, acquainting them with its virgin leisure places, industrial zones and shopping malls and other mega projects. Throughout its descriptive style and fully-packed pictures, SharjahLand, in its second edition, smoothly guides readers in a tour in the emirates vibrant and enthralling lifestyle. Holidaymakers can easily decide where to enjoy a relaxing break in the sun, explore the many heritage sites, museums and old mosques. They are also get acquaintance where to shop; either in the traditional markets (souques) or modern malls. Readers are to enjoy an exciting and in-depth experience full of Arabian hospitality, time-honored traditions with an air of modern lifestyle.
Businessmen and investors will find comprehensive data on emerging industrial and trade sectors; getting full knowledge of potential investment opportunities and incentives granted to them.
Within its eight-sections, the bilingual directory displays authentic facts and accurate statistics about sectors of city, economy, industry, tourism, education, culture, leisure, health, fairs, shopping malls, free zones, industrial zones and real-estate, as well as sports events. illustrative maps, useful telephone numbers and essential destinations are also included.



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Explore Abu Dhabi through obtaining Abu DhabiLand; a vanguard directory which gives a picture-perfect coverage on the exotic capital of the UAE. Published in two separate issues in English and Arabic, the directory sheds light in the economic boom, currently taking place in Abu Dhabi through underpinning the all-out development schemes, adopted by the government.
Readers, showing interest in the emirate, will gain full knowledge on the amazing strides, taken by the capital to attain an admirable cultural and economic development. The directory unveils the historic background of Abu Dhabi as well as its hospitality trends and deeply-rooted values. Eager investors are given entire coverage on the existing investment potentials. They come to know available assets, boasted by the emirate, which make Abu Dhabi a perfect investment and trade hub.
The directory will be divided into eight sections covering sectors of trade, commerce, industry, exhibition, health, recreation business, culture, education, real-estate, tourism, entertainment, industrial zones. It reflects the emirates lively trend through showing colorful pictures, expressive photos and illustrative maps.
Abu DhabiLand is to take You in an enthralling exploratory tour around the Capital.



Want to take a glimpse inside the Dubai universe? Well, you've come to the right place. DubaiSand will take you on a journey, from the early years of the pearls trade right through to what's happening now. DubaiSand is a Dubai-based directory providing useful information about the emirate's business, economy, industry and tourism resources. The Directory, divided in eight sections, contains listings on economic statistics, maps, resources, business services, free & industrial zones, transportation information, culture, health, industrial supplies, education and history about the region's major business hub.
The ongoing real- estate boom is thoroughly covered, providing enthusiastic developers all essential data about this sector.

If you are looking for information and resources regarding Dubai then feel free to browse through our directory which is humanly edited and maintained by Tawasol. Increase your Wealth by increasing your business literacy, a principle made crystal-clear in our Directory. DubaiSand, a bilingual guide published twice a year, is your guide to official tourist information sources, including government tourism offices, convention and visitors bureaus, chamber of commerce & industry, and similar organizations that provide free, accurate, and unbiased travel and business information to the public.




Hajj and Omra guidebook "Qawafel Alrhman

"In order to help the Pilgrims to perform the Hajj and Omra easily, DAR AlKhaleej in Cooperation with Tawasol co. ,as approved from Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, started to issue a new guidebook " Qawafel Alrhman " For Hajj and Omra. Qawafel Alrhman is an annual guidebook is issued before RAMADAN contains every single detail for Hajj and Omra, right steps to perform it, common mistakes, Islamic and medical advices, instructions and information which may help the pilgrims. the guidebook also contains the names, addresses and the numbers of Hajj and Omra campaign in UAE, in addition to the most important addresses the passenger might need in the holy lands and other places.

1. Distributed with AlKhaleej newspaper inside & outside UAE (more than120000 copies).
2. Distributing special quantities to the air flight companies, which is directed to the holy lands.
3. Copies to the Hajj and Omra campaigns in UAE and for the Sponsors & advertisers.
4. Additional copies will be distributed before the Hajj season through Tawasol company.



Salemat Yadak Book:

The book manifests the gratitude and appreciation of Emarati young people for His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai, for his unlimited support for them in achieving their projects. HH Sheikh Mohammad has already established Mohammad Bin Rashid Institution for supporting young people projects to offer the support essential for emerging projects, set up by youth. Therefore, participants in the institution have decided to loudly thank Sheikh Mohammad by uttering "Salemat Yadak".



"El Bait Baiti" Magazine:

A thematic magazine that focuses on various topics, primarily properties, interiors, furniture and household accessories. The monthly features articles on housing problems, including the current incredible rent hikes. At the same time, the magazine sheds light on the current construction boom which has reached unprecedented heights with new projects underway in the UAE.


Bent Al Emarate Magazine :

A magazine designated to tackle every topic which looks appealing to the woman of 21st century. Modern social trends, haute couture shows, new extravagant items and home gadgets as well as untraditional lifestyle are among interesting topics, thoroughly tackled in the magazine. The monthly discusses social problems as well as marital issues and seeks the consultancy of experts. It serves as a good medical source in light of the beneficial social and medical tips it features for the typical modern woman. Young mothers will have a good chance to learn more about new upbringing trends and medical care to ensure a hygienic atmosphere for their kids.