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Tawasol Obtains ISO 9001:2000 Accreditation

Tawasol Emirates Media has recently obtained the international quality management system (ISO 9001:2000), which signals the company's compliance with quality standards including managerial distinction and highly-remarkable performance.

Since the beginning of 2008, Tawasol Emirates Media has exerted intensive efforts to develop its internal managerial system as well as performance and production improvement procedures. It looks forward to coping with the global requirements in such areas. It has also developed and trained its staff so that it would be able to do its duties according to the ISO's basic quality standards, of which the customer satisfaction is the most important.

The TQM ISO 9001:2000 is a notable international quality standard used for developing managerial system on sound bases that can be summed up in the sequence: "planning implementation - measurement - improvement". The certification is granted by some specialized, internationally-approved organizations, whether directly or through their internationally-authorized representatives. The certification is preceded by auditing processes on all aspects related to the system and ensuring that they are practiced as required.

It is noteworthy that Tawasol Emirates Media is a leading local company operating in media, advertising, publication and distribution of magazines, directories and various printed materials. Its vision is to deliver constructive media based on time-honored values. In addition, the two 2007-2008 issues of SharjahLand is the most remarkable product of Tawasol Emirates Media as it is the first tourist, commercial and cultural guide about Sharjah.



Tawasol Publishes Second Edition of "SharjahLand"

Extending Thanks to Sponsors and Supporters


Tawasol Emirates Media has published the second edition of the distinct "SharjahLand" directory, the first of its kind in the Emirate. It is a comprehensive commercial, tourist and cultural bilingual directory (Arabic & English).

The directory is divided into eight sections promoting Sharjah and delivering a comprehensive picture of the Emirate. The directory sections are: Historical and Political Background, Discover Sharjah, Tourism and Shopping, Culture and Education, Economy, Society and Sports, Fairs and Exhibitions and finally Maps and Data. SharjahLand targets tourists, residents, investors, businessmen, etc.

The second edition is characterized by a new beautiful design distinguished by magnificent photographs and a developed and inclusive content with accurate, documented data taken from authentic sources, especially from authorized government bodies.

Tawasol adopts an omnibus distribution plan that covers mega malls, libraries, gas stations, airports and large hotels in addition to all ministries, government departments, embassies and consulates inside and outside the UAE as well as chambers of commerce and industry in GCC countries and large private companies in all fields in the Gulf area.

Tawasol thanks all sponsors and supporters of the second edition of the "SharjahLand" directory headed by the platinum sponsor Tameer Holding, the golden sponsors Digital Globe and Vigro Maps as well as the supporters; Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs, Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority and Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Tawasol further expresses thanks to all who have contributed to this unique, distinguished work.

It is noteworthy that Tawasol Emirates Media is a leading local media company (specialized in publishing and distributing magazines, directories, books and various printed materials) over and above fields of advertisement and marketing.

The company was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 as well as the Sharjah Economic Excellence Award. It is a corporate partner in Dubai Quality Group.

Tawasol's vision is to deliver constructive media based on authentic values. It intends to issue a series of distinguished publications the most important of which are Abu DhabiLand and DubaiSand that cover the tourist, commercial and cultural aspects of the two emirates.


Tawasol joins DQG

Dubai Quality Award

Dubai Quality Award Membership

In its earnest quest to attain distinguished performance, Tawasol Media Company has recently joined Dubai Quality Group (DQG). The step falls within the context of Tawasol's rigorous efforts to upgrade and adjust its performance in compliance with highest quality standards. Thanks to its good reputation and compliance with top-notch quality standards, the company will be able to broaden its relations network and foster the already-existed ties with the business sector in general and its media counterparts in particular.

   DQG, a non-profitable edifice established in 1994, seeks to enhance quality standards in performance of state-run organizations, new ventures and private companies in the UAE. It helps guide its members to contact with quality management organizations via holding training courses, seminars, and conferences in which research papers on quality standards and customers' satisfaction are thoroughly tackled and opinions  are exchanged with quality experts. The organization offers technical support and provides consultancy services for its members in quality management-related-issues. The  DQG  is membering more than 2000 candidates representing 350 institutions from the private and public sectors as well. Quality programmes are meant to improve employees' performance and firmly consolidate them with the general strategies of their companies, thereby vigorously attaining the general development objectives.  

In such context, Tawasol has actively undertaken serious strides in adhering with quality standards. Worth mentioning, it has been accorded Sharjah Economic Excellence Award 2007 for the commercial sector for small & medium scale ventures on 28/5/2008. Tawasol has considered the award an encouraging beginning for achieving future success. In the same framework, the company is about to finalize its comprehensive internal administrative restructuring operation ahead of obtaining the quality management system certificate (ISO 9001).

Tawasol has made its first strong debut to the media scene in 2007 with the publication of SharjahLand directory; the first tourist, commercial and cultural guide about Sharjah. SharjahLand second bilingual edition is slated to appear during the last quarter of the present year. Work is on the pipeline for publishing two other equivalent directories on Abu Dhabi and Dubai; designated to appear in the local markets next year carrying the tag of Abu DhabiLand and DubaiSand. The two directories are projected to give boost to the national tourist, cultural and commercial tremendous development schemes adopted by the whole country. Tawasol has  also other publications and printed materials, meant to enrich the media sector with new cultural trend.   




In recognition of its achievements

Tawasol wins Shj Economic Excellence Award


Sharjah Excellent Award 

Alkhaleej Newspaper

Albayan Newspaper


Tawasol Media Company has recently got the Economic Excellence Award 2007 patronized by H.H. Crown Prince and Deputy of Sharjah and organized by Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The award is considered one of the most respectable prizes given to industrial, commercial and investment prizes on the national level. It is believed that the award embodies the vision of H.H. Dr . Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, showing his full support to the burgeoning economic and investment development drive in the emirate. It also reflects the continuous follow-up of HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Sultan Al Qassimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah who is keen to give the economic development wheel constant momentum by highly recognizing efforts exerted in this regard.

When convening on 28/05/28, the award secretariat council had chosen Tawasol Media Company as a winning company for the commercial sector for the medium scale enterprises category after completing all application procedures and meeting other standards. The judges' decision has concentrated primarily on the model of business criteria focusing on leadership, corporate values, strategic planning, systems, structures and human resources. Choosing Tawasol for winning the award reflects its commitment to apply methods of top quality management plus achieving customers' satisfaction and social dimensions without neglecting employees' satisfaction.

Tawasol is proud for getting such award, deeming it a new triumph, showing its gratitude to the SCCI for this honor. Tawasol has recognized the award as a great achievement but also a great responsibility, promising its clients of employing new developmental plans to embark on achieving its ambitious management

growth and attain wider horizons of successfulness on the media sector. "We are aware of the responsibility of such honor. We are prepared to the upcoming challenges and adamant to go from strength to strength & from success to success.", said Rateb Al lawama, Tawasol general manager.

Tawasol has gained a strong foothold for itself since commencing operation in 2007 by publishing SharjahLand directory. The first-of-its-kind guide focuses on shedding light on the prosperous economic growth achieved in Sharjah, giving full-fledged data for investors and entrepreneurs on steps for starting new ventures in Sharjah. It also gives complete information to residents and tourists to ensure their comfortable long or short stay in the emirate. It also takes users in short interesting tour around the emirate's historical and cultural sites. SharjahLand's second bilingual edition, slated to appear in the last quarter of the present year, will contain updated and documented information to promote the tourist, economic and cultural national schemes. Tawasol is planning to publish two other equivalent directories covering Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The guides' content come in conformity with the  directives of HH President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi, which aims at making the UAE a commercial, cultural and tourist attractive hub. The trilogy of guides, to be published twice a year, will concentrate on the conducive development atmosphere for commercial, tourist, and cultural levels nationwide. 

DubaiLand is now DubaiSand

Tawasol Emirates Company kindly informs its customers that it has changed the title of its directory on the Emirate of Dubai from "DubaiLand" to "DubaiSand". The step comes in a bid to detach any possible connection that might link the directory to any other institution and precludes it from being an articulator of any other company. The title's modification is tailored to assert the directory's independent identity and keep its uniqueness.

DubaiSand reflects the remarkable boom now witnessed in areas of economy, trade, tourism, investment, culture and education, and effectively contributing to the emirate's economy. It also sheds light on the ongoing real estate boom that's wooing international property developers to set up new projects here. Investment incentives and business privileges will be thoroughly covered, to update potential investors on the existing assets, encouraging them to reroute their capitals into the Emirate, now becoming the region's most attractive business hub. Procedures and steps of launching new projects will be showcased in DubaiSand. The directory acts as a guidebook, providing tourists with profound data on different categories of tourism emerging in the country, including recuperative health tourism, conference tourism, and business tourism.
DubaiSand is one of three directories published by Tawasol biannually, covering the UAE's largest emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah. The first such directories, to be published by the end of May, highlight the jumbo development leaps, secured in sectors of economy, trade, investment, tourism and culture. The directories are designed in keeping with international standards criteria, providing the reader with in-depth coverage of the activities of state agencies, emerging investment ventures, flourishing businesses, industrial and free zones, illustrative maps, fairs & shopping, banking services, and entertainment and recreation activities. The trilogy feature analytical articles, documentary reports and statistics, authentic information relevant addresses and figures collected from their own sources. The directories, published in Arabic and English, are planned to appear in other six languages.


Sharjah Land appears on March, with Dubai Land and Abu Dhabi Land in the pipeline:

Preparations are on full swing for publishing Sharjah Land, a directory scheduled to appear in the market in March 2008. Sharjah Land, to be published by Tawasol Media, is the first ever tourist, business, and cultural directory designed to shed light on the bright business prospects of the Emirate of Sharjah. It provides all data essential for tourists, entrepreneurs, investors and residents.
The second edition is distinguished by its modern content and design. Sharjah land is fully packed with colorful photographs about Sharjah archeological& historical sites and other tourist places. The directory is considered to be a very accurate and documented source of data and statistics covering fields of economy, tourism, culture, education and health. In its attempt to secure authenticity and accuracy, the company has proudly got the data from its original sources, including governmental and non-governmental agencies.
Within the same framework, the company is planning to publish a series of directories tantamount to Sharjah Land: Dubai Land and Abu Dhabi Land which are slated for May. The two directories crown the resounding success achieved by the first edition of Sharjah Land.
Tawasol has adopted a comprehensive and large-scale plan for distributing the directories in the UAE. They will be available in shopping malls, filling stations, airports, key hotels and premises of all ministries and governmental departments. They will be accessible also at leading private companies and institutions as well as foreign embassies and consulates country-wide as well as UAE offices abroad.
Tawasol is an emerging local company working in the media field. The company, successfully managed to have a strong foothold in the competitive media sector, seeks to give further momentum to the burgeoning development wheel in the UAE. Tawasol, having branches in Sharjah and Dubai, is specialized in publishing and distributing themed magazines, directories, books, and other printable brochures. The company boasts a long experience in the advertising arena.


Untraditional advertising campaign by Tawasol:

Tawasol Media has launched a large scale advertising campaign in Sharjah. The innovative campaign including sticking banners up on 100 cabs with labels carrying the company's logo and its projects. The colorful labels are fixed in a very eye-catching way on the vehicles. Within the framework of the same campaign, implemented in Sharjah, the company has also increased the distribution of its logo in the streets. The campaign aims to get the public acquainted with the Tawasol tag and update them on its media activities and projects. Due to its novelty and distinctiveness, the campaign, scheduled to end on December 1st, has proved a paramount success among the public. Besides, it has augured well for the company's future performance in the media field.
Tawasol has recently issued its first publication of Sharjah Land, the first directory that sheds light on the tourist, cultural and economic promising potentials of the Emirate. It also taps the heritage aspects of Sharjah, widely known as the city of mosques, through focusing on its cultural and historical potential. The English-Arabic directory provides readers, tourists and ambitious investors with an all-out coverage on the different living, industrial and economic aspects in the Emirate and invites them to make the most of their stay.
In keeping with its future plans, Tawasol intends to publish Sharjah Land equivalents, tagged as Dubai Land and Abu Dhabi Land as well as other thematic magazines.


Al Medmar Magazine:

An Equestrian monthly magazine packed full of photographic show, reports, features and news, Al Medmar is published by Tawasol media, company with two branches in Dubai and Sharjah.
The magazine spotlights the success stories of leading Arab knights who've distinguished themselves on the regional and international arenas. The monthly features regular exclusive interviews titled "the Knight of the Issue", made by the editorial manager where the achievements and track record of one carefully chosen equestrian champion are thoroughly discussed. Setting an example for all Arabs and horse riders, H.H Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, was the guest of the magazine's maiden issue. The magazine features detailed reports on the activities of horse clubs locally and abroad. The first issue underlined the support of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Sa'id Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai City for Aviation Establishment (DCAE) and Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline Group, for ambitious Emaratis who set up their projects and take avail of the burgeoning investments in Dubai and lucrative incentives granted by Mohammad Bin Rashed Institution for supporting young people's projects.
The magazine includes the monthly schedules of key world horse races. Selections from the best voted poetry and prosaic written on equestrian activities are included within the magazine besides a carefully written encyclopedia on horse activities and pure-bred Arabian horses.
Al Medmar Dictionary is a helpful means for horse lovers to fathom equestrian terminology. Interesting photographic show reports and stories for children are also provided to help kids and teens benefit from the lessons that can be drawn from by horseracing.

Tawasol Media launches its first publication of Sharjah Land:

Tawasol Media has already launched its maiden project of Sharjah Land, the first such directory that addresses the huge geographic and investment potential boasted by the Emirate. The directory, published in English and Arabic, sheds light on sectors of trade and tourism as well as the cultural and industrial activities in the Emirate. Enhancing the cultural vision of Sharjah is one of the outstanding topics spotlighted by the directory. Underlining the sustainable development is another paramount subject in the book. The directory boosts the educational, entertainment and industrial sectors in the Emirate.

Sharjah Land appears on the market

Tawasol Media has already published the first edition of Sharjah Land. The directory will be available in shopping malls, public and private libraries and bookshops, gas stations, airports, and plush hotels as well as ministries and embassies, state-run institutions and private companies in the UAE. The directory, written in English and Arabic, is sponsored by the ministries of Economy, Social Affairs and Health, Sharjah Tourism and Commerce Development Authority and Sharjah Municipality. It highlights the fast-paced, multi-faceted development witnessed by the Emirate at the business, industrial, medical, tourist, educational and commercial levels. Many governmental and non-governmental authorities have expressed full readiness to contribute to the directory in a bid to promote their products and services. They include Etisalat, Tameer, Al-Khaleej daily, Air Arabyia, Sharjah Airport, Dana Gas, Expo Centre Sharjah, Emirates post, Emirates Industrial City, Al Ghanem Properties, Sharjah University, CBI Bank, Remal International Publishing Company, the Higher Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, Safeer Mall, Ansar Mall, Emirads Maps, Qanat Al Qasba, Sharjah Rotana Hotel, Sharjah Airport Free Zone, the Jordanian Government and the Industry Channel.


Tawasol publishes "Sharjah Land" next month

The maiden edition of Sharjah Land Directory 2007, published by Tawasol Media, will appear on the market next month. Several ministries, state institutions and private companies have taken the initiative to sponsor the bilingual directory. Sharjah land, to be published in Arabic and English, sheds light on the sustainable development witnessed by the booming Emirate in sectors of tourism, trade, commerce and culture. The 10-section directory provides an overall view of the commercial, industrial, tourist, cultural, sports and entertainment activities in the Emirate besides shedding extensive lights on the shopping malls, businesses and free zones available Emirate-wide. About 10% of the advertorial proceeds will go to institutions providing humanitarian services in the country. Tawasol invites all governmental and non-governmental institutions to sponsor the directory, designed to underscore the booming growth of Sharjah.

Tawasol Media Company extends its deep appreciation to participating companies and sponsors of Sharjah Land Directory:

We, Tawasol Emirates Media, extends our wholehearted appreciation and gratitude to all respectable companies and sponsors who have positively contributed to the success of Sharjah Land Directory 2007, which has secured considerable acclaim among all agencies and parties concerned. The second issue of the directory, which is meant to address different investment opportunities still up for grabs in the Emirate and focuses on its huge potential, is scheduled to appear by the advent of the New Year. The second issue will include new sections that shed light on hitherto untapped investment and business opportunities in Sharjah


Tawasol Media launches its biggest campaign to promote Sharjah land

Tawasol Media has already launched its biggest promotional campaign to market the publication of Sharjah Land; the first directory that addresses the huge geographic and investment potential boasted by the Emirate. The directory, published in English and Arabic, sheds light on sectors of trade and tourism as well as the cultural and industrial activities in the Emirate. Enhancing the cultural vision of Sharjah is one of the outstanding topics spotlighted by the directory. The directory boosts the educational, entertainment and industrial sectors in the Emirate.
The company invites all companies and institutions concerned to follow suit and participate in the campaign, already launched to promote the distribution of the directory.

The 6th Fair on Career Orientation recently taking place in Sharjah:

Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohamed bin Sultan Al-Qasmi, Sharjah Crown Prince, Chairman of the Sharjah Executive Council, the 6th fair on Career Orientation was organized by Career Orientation Bureau on April 17-18 2007.The fair is meant to enhance the students' awareness on the demands of the labor market and provide them with the practical know-how. The fair was attended by Sheikh Mohammad Bin Sao'ud Al-Qasmi, the Chairman of the Financial and Administrative Department, Sharjah University Dean Dr Ismail Bin Mohammad el Boshri, and public figures of 36 state agencies and private companies. Tawasol Media has joined hands with Adnoc and Samba Financial Group as well as Dubai Properties to sponsor the fair.

Sharjah Land gains the support of local authorities & leading companies:

Ministries of Health, Economy, Social Affairs, the Trade and Tourist Development Authority and Sharjah Municipality showed their ultimate support for Sharjah Land, a directory launched recently by Tawasol Media highlighting the various economic, trade, educational, tourist, investment and entertainment development aspect of the Emirate. The company is keen to make sure that the directory provides investors with all data essential for setting up their schemes here in the Emirate.
The Directory has been granted the sponsorship of many leading companies and agencies including:
Tameer Development, Qanat Al Qasba, Arabia Airlines, Expo Sharjah, Emirates Postal services Agency, Sharjah Airport, Dana Gas, Sharjah University, Emirates Industrial City, the Higher Council for Family Affairs, Sharjah Free Zone, CBI Bank, Remal International for Advertising Services, Emirates, Maps, Seven Dimension, Safeer Mall, Sharjah Rotana Hotel, El Ghanem Properties, Al Ansar Mall, Al Morwi Rent A Car.


Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Bin Sultan applauds Shrajah Land:

Sheik Sultan bin Ahmed bin Sultan Alqasmi, Chairman of Commercial and Tourist Development Authority in Sharjah, expressed his support for Sharjah Land Directory. Sheikh Sultan showed voiced his appreciation of the Directory during the inauguration ceremony of the 4th session of the Italian Life Style Fair, hosted by Sharjah Expo Fair, which was held from May 29 to June 1st this year. Sheikh Sultan contributed to the editorial introduction of the directory which gained the appreciation of the 200 companies that participated in the fair. These companies work in areas of furniture, construction, textiles and crystal products.


Tawasol allocates parts of its revenues for charity purposed:

Tawasol, in a non-such benevolent initiative, has decided to allocate part of advertorial proceeds for humanitarian services institutions working in the country. The initiative comes as part of the company's keenness to enhance social solidarity. The decision is taken in a bid to activate the media role in offering social services. Tawasol also decides to take hand of emerging activities in the local market and offer them the needed support.