Tawasol Emirates Media

Tawasol Emirates Media LLC


Tawasol was founded in early 2007 in the UAE, and within its first year won the Sharjah Economic Excellence Award of the Commercial Sector Category.

Tawasol is also a corporate partner in Dubai Quality Group and a member of the Emirates Publishers Association and ISO 9001:2000 certified since 2008.

Our activities are mainly in the field of Sports & media (publication and distribution of magazines, newspapers, directories & books. We also work in publicity and advertising; marketing, public relations, events management, Web Design, 3D Design, Multimedia CD, E- Brochures, Radio & TV Production, designing and printing).

Tawasol has proved a successful and fast-growing business within the media industry, and stands along its reputation which was adopted by the local governmental departments and public/private companies as well as the regional and international ones.

We are currently working to establish, support and encourage the freestyle football, In addition to several unique global projects in the field of sports and entertainment.

Our Vision:

Delivering comprehensive Sports & media services and insights in standard values

Our Message:

The global economic system has been emerging and developing rapidly within the past decades. We at Tawasol, have been coping with these changes, aiming to become beacon in the field of media and setting standards that inspire the community, by being part of the national economic growth, providing employment opportunities in a professional environment.

 We seek becoming UAE’s leading media institution by delivering valued and reliable results in order to become the most relevant, innovative and insightful media company in the Arab World.

We will create indispensable contents that engage with diverse audiences to connect people with each other, their communities and the society. Grasping the ways to please our customers by constantly assuring the trust and benefits being our valued clients.

Our Mission:

  • Pursuing excellence in printing and publishing innovative printed materials.

  • Contributing in educational awareness within the society.

  • Elevating the media business through ongoing marketing and communication support.

  • Maintaining high standards in customer service and readership satisfaction.

  • Taking part of the national economic growth.

  • Providing employment opportunities in a professional {C}{C}environment

Our Standards:

  • Trust
  •  Insure meeting customers needs
  •  Improving business efficiency on many levels
  • Honesty, Integrity and Commitment
  •  Upholding a beneficial business

Our Services:

        1- Sports:

  • Investment in Sports Projects, its Establishment & Management
  • Organization Management of
  •  Exhibitions & Sports Events
  •  Consultation & Sports Studies

        2 - Media:

  • Publishing and Distribution
  • Advertising & Publicity
  • Web Designing
  • Mobile App, Multimedia & E- Brochures
  • Marketing and Public Relations services
  • Events Management
  • TV & Radio Production
  • Gift items
  • Printing & Designing